About Us

A little bit about me. I am Claire and Seed to Scent grew from my love for the outdoors, the beauty of seasonal British flowers and my interest in sustainability. 

My love for gardening stems from early memories in my grandparents’ large garden, Grandad in charge of the edibles while the flowers were Grandma’s domain. Every year now when I harvest our sweet peas the heavenly scent transports me back to their garden and those treasured memories.  86% of the flowers sold in Britain are imported, I think it is such a loss that most of those do not have any scent, this is one of the reasons British flowers are far superior.

Seed to Scent aims to be as sustainable as possible, that’s why we like to grow & use our own flowers & foliage as much as possible.

Floral gifts are given as a way of celebrating the beauty of nature, this shouldn't be at a detriment to the natural world, therefore we aim to use natural wrapping, upcycled glass jars and floral foam alternatives where possible. We encourage you to come on this journey with us.

If you desire to reduce your carbon footprint please buy British flowers and shop locally.

We are happy to deliver to the areas shown on the map below;